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"Tribute to Sharing"

by wwr1


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Here is a true story about what "sharing and teamwork" can do for a hot air balloon club.  Bob Bryant has shared with CHABC an example of what sharing safe ballooning and good fellowship across our country can bring to our club in Cheyenne.  Bob is our senior balloon pilot and has met many fellow balloonists throughout the United States and some from across the world.  While being a fine host and exceptional public relations person, Bob has fast become known by many who enjoy his balloon spirit and friendship too.  Bob Bryant believes in sharing what he loves about hot air ballooning by teaching others to learn by sharing and of course, practicing safe ballooning always by experiencing it.  

What can this type of sharing and person do for balloon clubs?  Well, this year at the "COLORS OVER THE PRAIRIE" rally the CHABC hosted the "HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER" Brooks & Dunn Hot Air Balloon.  Pilot Joe Shevenell contacted Mike DeSpain and requested Bob Bryant to help him launch the HPD for viewing to the crowds of the Brooks & Dunn scheduled Concerts.  CHABC also invited Mr. Shevenell to join in the "COLORS OVER THE PRAIRIE" rally for Saturday's launch on July 28, 2001. 

Mr. Shevenell lives in Maine and was excited to meet the many balloonists that attended this rally and be able to fly the "HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER" over this prairie land in Wyoming.  Joe enjoyed the view and the flight but also loved the hospitality by everyone including a most welcome reception by the land owner where Joe landed this beautiful balloon.  Joe also enjoyed the fresh clean air of Wyoming and viewing the wild mustangs on the prairie below his balloon on Saturday's flight. 

What are the rewards of sharing good fellowship in safe ballooning?  The answer was explained to us by Mr. Shevenell as many at the rally greeted him that weekend.  Joe explained it this way, "Safety is a MUST and without fellow balloonists and their fine clubs - even a Brooks & Dunn balloon can't fly - it takes teamwork and friendships that are found in clubs like CHABC".  Mr. Shevenell invited the ground crews to join him in private access behind stage to the Brooks & Dunn Concert and for some, free front row seat tickets to the Brooks & Dunn Saturday night show.  I watched Mr. Shevenell gift signed autographed photos of Brooks & Dunn to crew members and landowners alike.  Mr. Shevenell made sure that the children were given special gifts such as Brooks & Dunn collector hot wheel cars too.  Mr. Shevenell was most appreciative to everyone and showed his kindness as well as respect to everyone.  It was indeed a privilege to meet and help crew for Joe Shevenell.  He is truly a professional balloonist and I consider him one the very "BEST" to fly with or crew for anytime.  Thank you Joe for everything - it was GREAT!  

Mike DeSpain you were a true captain as our leader and a master organizer once again - thank you for doing your best always!  A very special "THANK YOU" goes to our CHABC committee and our sponsors who helped with this rally.  A special thanks to all of the fellow balloonists who did so much work to help make this rally safe and the huge success that it was.  There was fun time for everyone. All of the pilots and their crews worked so well together - safe landings for everyone were enjoyed once again.  It truly was a great rally with memories that will last for a lifetime.  Our guests and sponsors can be proud of what you all did so well by "Sharing In Teamwork & Friendships" as only Hot Air Balloonists can do so well.

Joe responded to this tribute I wrote and asked me to tell you, "HI and thanks to everyone he met".  Joe also said, "The time spent in Cheyenne was great and the hospitality was even better".  He looks forward to doing it again and until then, "HAVE FUN & SAFE FLIGHTS".


Bob Bryant greets Joe Shevenell with HPD equipment    Behind stage with HPD preparing to launch     "High Plains Drifter" - pilot Joe Shevenell     Pilot Joe Shevenell signing crew log book    B&D1.jpg (52298 bytes)     B&D2.jpg (48779 bytes)


Mike DeSpain's Balloon "No More Crewing Around"      Mike DeSpain inflating "No More Crewing Around"      Mike DeSpain's balloon "No more crewing Around"




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