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Bob Bryant     Bryant-B.jpg (28037 bytes) CHABC-Pilot's View.jpg (58291 bytes)

BOB BRYANT started his aviation career as a fixed wing pilot in 1952.  Bob is a commercial balloon pilot and has been flying hot air balloons since 1990.  He is currently flying three balloons that are named the "Wyoming Cloud Walker", the "Dream Seeker" and the "Indian Paintbrush."  Bob Bryant is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  
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Dick Atkins  SunSS1-027aS.jpg (47682 bytes) Dick Atkins

DICK ATKINS is a commercial balloon pilot and has been flying hot air balloons since 1993.  Dick named his balloon "IPHIGENIA" and he is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  
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Roxie Arnold & "2-TALL" Arnold  "Cloud Kisser 1"   Under Construction



Cheryl Ewing  Cheryl Ewing & Balloon [Diamond Beauty] Cheryl Ewing

Before moving to Wyoming in November of 1998, Cheryl lived in Florida and did most of her balloon flying in that area.  Cheryl has flown balloons since 1992 and has flown in over 10 states.  Cheryl became a commercial pilot in 1994 .  Cheryl is currently "balloon-less" but with the help of really special ballooning friends, she is able to maintain her current pilot status and continue participating in ballooning events.


Robin Guinan  Guinan-B.jpg (35354 bytes) Under Construction



Mike DeSpain      Pilot Mike DeSpain

Mike started his aviation career flying helicopters, then he joined the United States Air Force in 1984.  During that time Mike has flown fixed wing and has become a sky diving instructor.  Mike has been a certified pilot since May 13, 2001 and has crewed since 1998 as a member of the Cheyenne Hot Air Balloon Club.  Mike is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  

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Don Day & Heather Day  "DayOne" Balloon   Don Day    Heather with Passenger in flight with "DayOne"

Heather Day became a certified balloon pilot in May of 2001.  Don and Heather Day own "DayOne", a 90,000 cubic foot Aerostar.  The balloon has the "Steppin' Up" rally pattern.  This is their first balloon - named on the first day they flew it and day one of their ballooning career.  Appropriately they decided to name their balloon "DayOne" which also goes well with their last name Day .

Heather is a private pilot working on her commercial rating and Don is a
student pilot working on his private rating. A balloon went over the top
of Heather's house when she was five years old, and she's been hooked on
the sport since.

Steve & Jenny Early  The "CRICKET's DREAM"   S&J.jpg (48801 bytes)   cricket3.jpg (47544 bytes)         

Steve & Jenny's interest in hot air ballooning began with the very first gathering of balloons in Albuquerque. NM (1972).  Steve was the primary instructor for a Private Pilot Ground School located in Las Cruces, NM.  Jenny shares Steve's enthusiasm for the sport of ballooning and they have been flying ever since their first meeting in Albuquerque.  Steve is currently a Commercial Pilot since (1996) and Jenny is a Private Pilot since (1999).

Their balloon, "Cricket's Dream" is named in tribute to Steve's mother, Cricket.  Cricket loved watching the hot air balloons from her home in Albuquerque.  She always dreamed of a balloon landing in her back yard and having that balloon take her on a beautiful flight.  Unfortunately, Cricket passed away before Steve could actually provide her that flight.  Now Cricket's "Spirit & Love" flies proudly with Steve and Jenny on every flight.  That is a very special tribute indeed for forever will the colors of that balloon display ever lasting pride to be seen where ever it may fly.


"A Tribute To Our Nation's Flag" click on this link to view a wonderful presentation to the history of our country's flag.  I am sure you will enjoy viewing this for it is very well done.




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