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Greeley, Colorado

 Hot Air Balloon Rally


Children Love Hot Air Balloons    Pilot Dick Atkins gives local children free balloon ride.   Children experience the thrill of flight   Pilot Dick Atkins flying over Greeley

Greeley spectators love balloonists & CHABC loves Greeley 

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This rally includes over fifty balloons each year.

Heather Day flying "DayOne" over Greeley   Pilot Bob Bryant takes the lead with "WYOMING CLOUD WALKER"   GRS-004aS.jpg (37167 bytes)   The "IPHIGENIA" ... pilot Dick Atkins

GRS-010aS.jpg (37770 bytes)   Balloon "ARCKY"    GRS-022S.jpg (34566 bytes)

The "Night Glows" Are Fabulous

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