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Colorado Springs Balloon Classic

                           Benefits Include:  Free Flights for Active Ground Crew Members  ----> Montlhy Newsletter ----> Hot Air Balloon Safety & Crew Training ----> Club Picnics & Barbacues ----> Tail Gate Parties ----> Hot Air Balloon Rallies ----> Parades ----> Monthly Meetings & Training ----> Travel ----> Lasting Friendships ----> Become a member and join in on the fun ............. 2001 Annual Membership Fees:  Single $40 ......... Family $70                                                                                                                                                                                    


















Colorado Springs Balloon Classic Rally

Photos taken by wwr1


Colors Inside "Ghostrider" - Pilot Sigie Potthoff      Inflation Burn -  pilot Sigie Potthoff     Burn inside "Ghostrider"   Inflation Process - pilot Sigie Potthoff


Colors Inside "Afternoon Delight" - Pilot Ed Potthoff   "Afternoon Delight" Ready for LiftOff   "Ghostrider" Over Colorado Springs - Pilot Sigie Potthoff   Crown Colors Inside "Ghostrider"


  Pikes Peak Blvd   Views Aboard "Ghostrider" - CS Golf Course   Airabelle the Cow - pilot Randy Rogers   7-Up Standard - pilot Carl Young


  Happy Mother & Daughter celebrating 1st Time Flight    Colors Inside "IPHIGENIA"- pilot Dick Atkins   Crowds Looking Inside Crown of "IPHIGENIA"   First Time Crewing and Flying Smile


Sponsors Aboard "IPHIGENIA"- pilot Dick Atkins   CSR-005S.jpg (37879 bytes)   CSR-009S.jpg (48725 bytes)   Look No Balloon


CSR2-015S.jpg (37460 bytes)   First Time Flyers   First Time Flyer Initiation   

Big Rally 

Lots of Nice People

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